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1) Setting up forms

Approx. 7 minutes

Before you can intake patients, you must onboard your office's forms to DashQuill so that they can be sent out. This video teaches you how to set up forms and presets on our platform. It covers both uploading your existing forms and creating new ones using our drag-and-drop editor. The video also shows you how to link to EMR fields so that any information filled by patients can be imported directly into your EMR by DashQuill.

2) Intaking patients

Approx. 3 minutes

This video breaks down three straightforward steps for bringing patients into your system with DashQuill. First, it shows how to send forms directly to a patient, such as when they phone your office. You can do this through email or text, using either DashQuill's web app or within your electronic medical records (EMR) system. Next, it talks about how to add your forms to your website. Lastly, it guides you on setting up forms on a kiosk or tablet in your office, which is great for patients who are there in person.

3) Importing to EMR

Approx. 4 minutes

The video guides you on how to use DashQuill's browser extension to directly import patient submissions into your EMR. It includes step-by-step instructions on installing the extension, how the import function operates, and the types of information you can transfer into your EMR.